SecurCapital Launches Philanthropic Corporate Structure


LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 27, 2018 / SecurCapital Corp has launched its integrated philanthropic company, SecurFoundation, pledging it company’s equity, technology, earnings and people to improve communities around the world. SecurCapital has adopted the 1-1-1-1 model designating 1% of its equity in its capital structure, 1% of its products, 1% of its earnings, and 1% of its employee’s time to charitable causes. SecurCapital will initially be working with non-profits and educational institutions to accelerate their specific initiatives within the social enterprise.


“Every company has a responsibility for allocating some of their assets to the social good,” said SecurCapital Chairman, Steve Russell. “This can apply in so many ways, such as providing internships for better job training and opportunities or supporting events that raise funds for good causes and contributing thousands of hours to worthy causes across a broad chain of philanthropic initiatives,” said Russell. “SecurCapital was influenced by Salesforce Foundation which pioneered the ‘1-1-1 Model’ 18 years ago and has taken the pledge to start their foundation at inception of the company with its equity contribution.” Russell stated the SecurFoundation website will be launched by March 1st.





SecurCapital announces Customer LOI

Supply Chain Finance Leader – SecurCapital Corp Receives Initial Customer Letter of Intent (LOI)

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 14, 2018 / SecurCapital Corp has received an official Letter of Intent (‘LOI’) from a global contractor in Virginia.  SecurCaptial will provide the customer supply chain financial services globally throughout a two-year engagement. 

 “Due diligence is concluded and indicative of a potential funding opportunity by the end of February when transactions will begin,” said SecurCapital, Stephen Russell.  “What is significant about this revenue event is that it is a function of an innovative approach to producing securitized debt of high value and attractive credit quality,” he continued.  Russell further notes that additional opportunities of similar financing scale and quality with this client and other customers within this vertical market are forthcoming. “We’re very excited to have secured this LOI which launches us into a very attractive marketplace,” he said.

The SecurCloud Platform (‘SCP’) developed by SecurCapital is a fully configurable, “banking-in-a-box” cloud-based customer solution offering trade receivable securitization, structured non-traditional financing, global payments, foreign exchange processing, enhanced security, advisory supply chain services, M&A, insurance and strategic global partnerships.

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SecurCapital Corp global schedule of Blockchain Conferences

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 24, 2018 / SecurCapital Corp today released the upcoming schedule of its participation in industry leading Fintech & Blockchain Conferences in China, United Kingdom and United States.  SecurCapital is introducing a disruptive “one-click solution” offering Fintech services in the underserved trillion-dollar Supply Chain Finance marketplace. SecurCapital will be exhibiting their ‘SecurCloud Platform’ (SCP) business-to-business solutions for global logistics payments, FX, account receivable financing, M&A with secure multi-factor authentication designed to mitigate risk and reduce costs.

“Launching our platform throughout the world in Shanghai, London, San Francisco & Boston demonstrates our capability to offer our customer solutions on a global scale” said Bill Rochfort, President & EVP Sales, SecurCapital. Rochfort referenced the upcoming schedule of events: ‘Global Fintech & Blockchain Conference’ April 12-13, Shanghai, China; ‘MIT Fintech’ March 10-11, Cambridge, MA.; ‘LendIt Fintech Conference’ April 9-11, Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA and ‘London Fintech World Forum’ May 30-31, London, England as the initial Fintech Blockchain events introducing SecurCloud technology. All conferences are leading global Fintech and Blockchain events bringing together digital banking, blockchain, smart contracts applications, business lending, payments and insurance. 

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SecurCapital Corp. launches supply chain finance company

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 16, 2018 / is SecurCapital Corp. forms new company in Fintech that will focus on logistics supply chain finance services.  SecurCapital is introducing a disruptive “one-click solution” offering FINTECH services in the underserved Supply Chain Finance $800 billion marketplace. SecurCapital will offer services to global logistics companies providing cloud based business-to-business (“B2B”) platform for global payments, FOREX, accounts receivable financing with secure multi-factor authentication designed to mitigate risk and reduce costs.

 “Clearly, there has been a monumental transformation influenced by FinTech, Blockchain and alternative banking options within the global logistics landscape,” said Steve Russell.  "Traditional financial institutions are not positioned to serve global logistics payment requirements for secure access, integrated foreign exchange, and international payments or access to adequate working capital. SecurCapital will be providing a dynamic new financial pathway for freight payments".

Mr. Russell will serve as CEO of SecurCapital Corporation. Mr. Russell is a veteran logistics executive having held CEO, COO, Founder and EVP Sales positions in public and private logistics companies globally. He was an early cloud pioneer serving 4 years in Singapore as President & CEO of - Asia Pacific (NYSE: CRM) launching salesforce in Asia and Australia.

“We’re very excited to launch SecurCapital as a first to market innovative Supply Chain Finance solution. The cold, hard fact is that one-third of the logistics industry still runs on Excel and older legacy systems for freight payments. Research shows that there is not only a lack of innovation, but also a lack of understanding of what FinTech is and its potential impact on logistics” said Russell.  “Our goal is to offer the industry simple Supply Chain Finance services designed by actual logistics professionals to reduce cost of payments, FX, improve working capital liquidity and gain dashboard visibility leveraging Cloud based FinTech innovations.”

The SecurCapital Platform (“SCP”), which the Company has developed through the technology available in its Consolidated Payment Gateway (“CPG”), is a fully configurable, “banking-in-a-box” cloud-based platform. The overall design is a "closed proprietary ecosystem" (e.g.., intranet) so that each client has maximum control and security over any internal employees, partners, vendors, and contractors for bilateral payments and improved security.


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