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SecurCapital Corp

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A Fintech company built by logistic veterans to serve the supply chain industry

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SecurCapital provides supply chain financial services to businesses who need non-traditional financing and alternative banking services. SecurCapital is a first to market financial services company build with current Fintech and Blockchain solutions.

With assets under management SecurCapital Corp offers businesses access to working capital and mission critical advisory services for all their supply chain needs.


SecurCapital offers forwarders, truckers, custom brokers, 3PL, wholesalers, 4PL, suppliers, veteran owned businesses, minority enterprises and government contractors on-line access to cash.

SecurCloud platform is a disruptive cloud based technology now serving an $8 trillion dollar antiquated ‘legacy system’ based supply chain industry

SecurQuickstart is a single click solution, easy to use, mobile ready and fast. An application process with a 24 hour decision. Apply today!

SecurCapital Services

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Executive Search

Price Optimization

Advisory Services

Alternative Banking

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Blockchain Options

The cold hard fact is that one-third of the logistics industry runs on Excel and half on old legacy systems. Research shows there is a lack of innovation and understanding of what Fintech and Blockchain can do and its potential impact on an $8 trillion dollar logistics industry
— Steve Russell, CEO, SecurCapital Corp

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