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Working Capital Solutions

Funding Your Business

We know the pain points in funding a small business and providing timely capital

Funding decisions within 24 hours and funding available within 72 hours

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this is how we can help you:

  • Monetize invoices by factoring

  • Customize financing solutions

  • Over-advances above 80%

  • Term loans - Breakout Capital

  • Bundle with FactorAdvantage®

  • Bridge loans for urgent needs

  • Clear debt - Breakout Capital

  • Single source financing solution


this is why we can help you:

  • Easy access - term loans

  • Bundle with FactorAdvantage®

  • Fast factoring solutions

  • In house technology team providing the best of fin-tech

  • Access to Asset Based Lending

  • Nationwide

  • Fast and reliable

A SecurCapital Company

A SecurCapital Company

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