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SecurCapital Acquires Breakout Capital

SecurCapital acquires the lending business of leading fintech small business lender, Breakout Capital Finance and injects new equity capital.


We’re delighted to have acquired a well respected team and innovative business in the small business lending space. I share Carl’s vision that FactorAdvantage® is a dynamic lending solution and we now have the platform and capital to rapidly grow the SMB lending market. We’ve found a perfect business to complement SecurCapital’s strategic vision for empowering small businesses.
— Steve Russell, CEO, SecurCapital
As Founder and CEO, this acquisition is the next chapter for Breakout Capital’s lending business. SecurCapital is committed to the proliferation of best practices to drive change in the lending market. SecurCapital is now well positioned for growth utilizing our highly regarded term-loan products and FactorAdvantage® for small businesses that utilize factoring to finance their business.
— Carl Fairbank, CEO, Breakout Capital

SecurCapital, a supply chain finance company empowering logistics and small businesses founded and operated by logistics and lending veterans.


Forwarders, truckers, custom brokers, 4PL, warehouses, veteran & minority owned small businesses access services online using SecurQuickstart

SecurCapital offers privately owned small and mid-sized businesses and start-up companies access to working capital and mission critical services.

A single click solution that is simple, quick, and mobile friendly.

24 hour decision. Apply today!

The cold hard fact is that one-third of all logistics companies still run on excel and half on old legacy systems. There is a lack of innovation and understanding of what Fintech can do and its potential positive impact on a trillion dollar supply chain marketplace.
— Stephen Russell, CEO, SecurCapital

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What our customers think

SecurCapital worked very closely with our team providing working capital crucial for our rapidly growing business. The application process was fast and easy using the SecurQuickstart App online. SecurCapital was able to access significant funding to support our accounts now utilizing our multi-modal eLogistics shipping platform.
— Chris Dominguez, President, FreightPal

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