SecurCapital Corp
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Working Capital


SecurCapital is applying proven technology to industries with antiquated systems and processes that are seeking innovative financial alternatives to solve working capital and payment challenges. Our offerings include trade receivables securitization & structured unconventional financing, global payments, foreign exchange processing, enhanced security, advisory services, M&A, insurance, and global strategic partnerships – a comprehensive portfolio of supply chain financing. 

“Logistics industry experience tells us that most existing companies are running an obsolete model that doesn’t take advantage of current technologies available. It’s time to step up the game”
— Bill Rochfort, President, SecurCapital

 problems worth solving:                                 solutions:

  • Availability of low cost working capital
  • Freight payments and FOREX costs
  • Risk mitigation - avoid payment fraud
  • Poor supply chain finance visibility
  • Lack of controls, high cost
  • Account Receivable factoring options
  • 24 hour SecurQuikStart application
  • Closed user group platform
  • Customized user interface dashboards
  • SecurCloud API architecture
Quick approval fast access to cash

Quick approval fast access to cash