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Last Mile Technology

With US on-line sales growing 15% annually, the “last mile”, or final step in the delivery process is becoming a key focus for 3PLs and freight forwarders. How technology can be deployed is key for these service providers to continue providing value as the supply chain continues to grow and become more complex.

For shippers offering on-line sales, the goal is always to make sure that consumers are receiving product in the quickest and most cost-effective manner. However, there are many complications that arise with the last mile. For urban areas there is the congestion issue causing delays and fuel wasted while idling. In rural geographies, the delivery points are less concentrated and further from the original pick-up.

 Thanks to cloud-based technology development focused on certain segments of the supply chain, shippers can utilize forwarders that have access to intelligent data. Using GPS, vehicle tracking and telematics systems, the last mile challenges can be managed. These same tools can be applied for optimizing driver selection and load depending on the geographical requirements.

SecurCapital working with TechSera can help with developing technology and financial solutions for your supply chain business.

Abhijeet Singh