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3PL Migration to Cloud Based Services

Traditional EDI document processes that govern workflows and customer communications across the third-party warehousing and distribution, transportation, and logistics.  Taking a disruptive, cloud-based approach to B2B communications in the 3PL industry, services can improve on-boarding processing time by 70% and reduce technology operating costs by 50 percent.

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the de facto method of exchanging data electronically between business systems, but it had come to feel like a weak link in the supply chain network. IT staffers spend way too much time configuring and supporting EDI solutions used for communications with customers and partners. Data is constantly transferred data back and forth between customers’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and its warehouse management system (WMS). Data transfer is considered the lifeblood of the business, but EDI  is complicated and costly.

The new paradigm for efficiency in the logistics industry is replacing on-premises EDI solutions with a single cloud based alternative, such as Microsoft Azure Logic Apps. This provides an enterprise-grade, hybrid application connectivity with customers and partners. By moving to cloud based services, EDI document workflows can be automated without writing any code. That means that the manually administered, complex and costly EDI solutions, can now be augmented to automate the customer on-boarding process and linking to the 3PL WMS system. In the dynamic supply chain environments, accelerating implementation timeframes while reducing costs is critical for long-term sustainability.

Abhijeet Singh