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Logistics Industry Consolidation to Accelerate in 2019

Logistics consolidation will have a resounding effect on the industry in 2019. As the industry attempts to compensate with better wages and benefits for drivers and long-haul shipments, the industry has not quite fully solved the driver shortage and this leads to a continuation of stress in the industry. The upshot for the industry translates into higher logistics cost which will push more consolidation throughout the year.

However, newer technology solutions can be deployed for minimizing wasted space for backhaul, deadhead, dwell time and spot freight. Integrating systems to track volume of use, shipment, frequency, potential consolidation, and deconsolidation will address better optimization of time and space. Also analytics can be used to identify routes and pickups that may not be adhering to more stringent consolidation protocols.

Mergers and acquisitions will continue throughout 2019. SecurCapital Corp can help your business structure the right strategy to leverage the latest trends in the industry.