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The managed services logistics sector continues to show strong growth trends in an uncertain global economy. Over 40% of 3PLs reporting top line sales growth of over 20% while 70% of 3PLs showing 10% or better net profit growth.

Major factors driving 3PL growth:

  • Companies are trying to stay technology relevant using third party services that can be integrated into their own operations.  Through APIs, logistics technology is integrating larger components of the buyer and seller operation. 3PLs can manage the IT investment necessary to manage the transportation, trade, and logistics flow. 

  • Increased digitization of the entire supply chain is recognized as a key for sustainable growth. Companies are incorporating digital strategies to address the new B2B and B2C e-commerce operating model. 

  • 3PLs spread their businesses across multiple regions to get competitive advantage over last mile deliveries in e-commerce and companies are interested in such smaller, local, fulfillment centers.

SecurCapital  can help with developing technology optionsand financial solutions for your supply chain business.


Abhijeet Singh