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SecurCapital Corp launches supply chain fintech company

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 13, 2018 / SecurCapital Corp forms new company in Fintech that will focus on logistics supply chain finance.  SecurCapital is introducing a disruptive “one-click solution” offering FINTECH services in the underserved Supply Chain Finance $800 billion marketplace. SecurCapital will offer services to logistics companies providing a cloud-based business-to-business platform for receivables financing, advisory services, insurance, alternative banking services, mergers & acquisitions and blockchain development.

 “Clearly, there has been a monumental transformation influenced by Fintech, Blockchain and alternative banking options within the global logistics landscape,” said Steve Russell.  "Traditional financial institutions are not positioned to serve a challenging logistics industry in a timely manner or leverage the new technologies driving dynamic change across the supply chain.”

Mr. Russell will serve as CEO of SecurCapital. Mr. Russell is a veteran logistics executive having held CEO, COO, Founder and EVP Sales positions in public and private logistics companies globally. He was an early cloud pioneer serving 4 years in Singapore as CEO of - Asia Pacific (NYSE: CRM) launching salesforce in Asia, India and Australia.

“We’re very excited to launch SecurCapital as a first to market innovative Supply Chain Finance solution. The cold, hard fact is that one-third of the logistics industry still runs on Excel and older legacy systems. Research shows that there is not only a lack of innovation, but also a lack of understanding of what Fintech is and its potential impact on logistics” said Russell.  “Our goal is to offer the industry simple Supply Chain Finance services designed by actual logistics professionals to reduce cost, improve working capital liquidity and gain dashboard visibility leveraging cloud-based Fintech innovations.”

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